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Bridging the skills gap through focused learning

Rise Professional Training bridges the skills gap through focussed learning. The unemployment crises calls for training while gaining experience in the workplace and classroom.

Our training programmes are designed to fit into your schedule and environment to have minimal disruption of the workplace. Learners and employees are equipped to gain theoretical value that would be applied through workplace experience, turning them an asset into an asset in the workplace.

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Rise Professional Training Values

RISE Professional Training commits to the following values that should be seen in the way we conduct training but also in the learners our training academy delivers:

Responsibility 100%

The oxford dictionary refers to having a duty to deal with something or being accountable for something.  At RISE learning academy the responsibility of learning lies equally between learners and facilitators.

Our facilitators commit towards delivering content on time and using best practice methods while facilitating.  It is also our intention to stay relevant in an informational age where effort needs to be put in to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date content- to the advantage of our learners.

Our learners also have to take responsibility for their own learning process.  Where face-to-face learning takes place, attendance is crucial and homework assignments should be carried out with dedication to take the most from this learning opportunity. 

In blended learning scenario’s our e-learning developers commit to deliver the most current and relevant content in an interactive way, using best practice methods to ensure a pleasant learning journey for our learners.  The learners have to stick to deadlines and must ensure that they learn what is needed to finish within bespoke timelines.


Integrity 100%

We focus on the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

We apply this to all stakeholders in this organisation. 

Facilitators need to deliver the content, whether face-to-face or a hybrid approach in a way that is transparent and fair, thus setting up our learners for success.  Assessments and moderation is performed with honesty and openness in accordance to SETA requirements.

As for our learners, we also expect integrity when attending classes, working through study material and submitting assessments.  We believe learners with integrity are the ones who make it and going the extra mile to achieve their life dreams.


We deliver a service which is the action of helping or doing work for someone or a system supplying in a public need.

RISE Professional Training believes that the need for upliftment and the effect of upskilling and training people have never been in such high demand as in the last two years.  We are part of the community and serve our beautiful rainbow nation as a whole.

We therefor report for duty and avail our training services to people all over the country.

Service 100%

We strive towards the value of being outstanding or extremely good in the training we provide.

Good training and education do not only prepare learners for assessments but adds value to their real-life experience once they enter the workplace.  We therefore tap into the expertise of people that has experience in their chosen field.  The shared years of experience is what separates our training from competitors.  We do not only deliver the content, we incorporate real-life applications and help our learners apply what they have learnt.

Excellence 100%