Why skills continuity and retaining corporate memory is so important

A recent article in a South African publication discussed how certain public officials fear losing their jobs after the conclusion of the 2024 South African general elections.   The article discussed how certain people had been employed by the most dominant party and this party was likely to lose its dominance.  This has not happened in South Africa for 30 years, most people felt that their jobs were secure.

The problem for the citizens in that province is that if new people in upper management are brought in to replace those political appointees they could probably have no understanding of how that provincial administration is supposed to work.  And because the outgoing administration hasn’t implemented an Intraternship programme the employees under them will not know how to train the new appointees.   This has a major impact on the citizens of that province.  This is probably not the impact an incoming political party wants to have on their voters and rate payers at the outset.

Corporate continuity is important not only to government departments but also to government departments.  It is just as applicable to companies that have been subject to a merger or acquisition.  The new owner may want to rationalise jobs and will do so through a series of interviews that don’t actually discuss how that person understands the job that it is interviewing internal people for.  There is a lot more to interviewing a person who is hoping to retain their job after an acquisition.  Traditional interviewing techniques can never covering this.  But examining the records of the Intraternship programme will show how that person works in the team with the people below and above them, and most importantly how adaptable they have been when it comes to innovations proposed by the people in the same Intraternship programme.

Intraternships extend even further than that.  A shareholder may want to know that there is a culture of internal learning in the organisation that encourages innovations that lead to more cost effective delivery of that company’s mandate. 

This is the reason why RISE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT issue a  RISE CERTIFICATE OF CONTINUITY (RCC) at the completion of every Intraternship programme.  This offers shareholders and stakeholders assurance that if there any major changes in personnel the work can continue and that the new people will be up and running in a much shorter period of time, whether they occupy executive positions or lower.

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